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Celebrating Women's Strength: A Reflection on International Women's Day

Updated: Jun 28


Over the past few days, social media has been abuzz with celebrations for International Women’s Day—a day that stirs a mix of emotions. It's a time for inspiration, celebration, and empowerment, yet also a moment of reflection on the work that lies ahead.

Group of beautiful confident women holding the femininity Venus symbol to celebrate women's day, concepts of women empowerment, women's right and diversity.
Discover a digital sanctuary at Clinic 66 Online – Your trusted haven for women's health. Our dedicated GP's are committed to providing compassionate care for every patient. Join us for a seamless and secure healthcare experience.

My Journey with Clinic 66 Online:

As someone deeply involved in women's healthcare, this year prompted me to reflect on my journey, leading me to Clinic 66 Online and its remarkable team. Clinic 66 Online, comprising around 25 clinicians across Australia, has grown in response to the need for quality and accessible women’s health care. The beauty of Telehealth consultations is that they break the confines of traditional consultation rooms, reaching women wherever they feel safe—in their homes, workplaces, or even local parks.

Empowering Women's Reproductive Health:

Our mission aligns with the International Women’s Day webpage—to assist women in making informed decisions about their health. Clinic 66 Online plays a crucial role in empowering women to make informed choices about their reproductive health. This growth has been fueled not only by the increasing need for quality healthcare but also by the acceptance and use of Telehealth, accelerated by the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supporting Women in Unplanned Pregnancies:

A significant portion of our service delivery revolves around supporting women facing unplanned pregnancies. It's a rewarding space, where we are invited into the personal lives of women, gaining brief snapshots of their concerns, hopes, and fears. Many face unique challenges, from limited support systems to the demands of daily life. Clinic 66 Online acknowledges these women, sees them, and considers it a privilege to share a small piece of their journey.


As we reflect on this year's International Women's Day, Clinic 66 Online pays tribute to the resilient women we've encountered. We stand by the women who entrust us with their stories, navigating life's challenges with strength and grace. Together, we celebrate their unique journeys, embracing the diversity that defines women's health.


Join us in celebrating the strength of women. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments or explore our services here.


Dr Jo Mountford, FRACGP, MBBS, B.Sc (HON) is a GP with a dedicated focus on reproductive and sexual health. Jo also serves as the Clinical Director at Clinic 66 Online.


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