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STI Test
If symptoms occur with STI, it might be a skin lesion (lump or sore), discharge, itching, skin irritation or painful urination.

If you're worried that you may have been exposed to an STI, make an appointment, and your telehealth doctor will talk you through the possibilities and what to do next.

We still consider in clinic (face to face) consultation, the gold standard in medicine, and if you have symptoms, such as discharge or pain, then you should see a doctor (in person) who understands sexual health. 

STI's (aka STD's) are very common and often don't show any symptoms.


​You should get regular sexual health checkups, especially if you are not in a regular relationship or have casual partners.


Regular STI checks are known as "STI screening" when you are well and do not have any symptoms. It is possible to have a "silent STI" (ie. be infected but not know).  

Your risk of a getting an STI depends on your sexual behaviour and preferences.


In the same way as we check blood pressure, cholesterol or weight,  it's good self care to have a regular STI check or screen.


If you don't have symptoms, we can send you for tests at your local lab, and the results will come back directly to us.

If you do have symptoms, or we think that you need to be seen in person,  you can come to our clinic in Chatswood, or we can arrange for a doctor who understands sexual health to see you in your local community. 

Common STI's include chlamydia gonorrhea HPV and herpes.  Less common STI's can include the blood borne viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis B and syphilis. Some STI's have symptoms and some don't. 

It's now so much easier than the previous 2 year PAP smear to safeguard your well-being from cervical cancer - with a simple at home test every 5 years now available.

In Australia, you now have the option to collect your own sample for the Cervical Screening Test (much like the Covid PCR test). 


This self-collected sample is examined for human papillomavirus (HPV), which is a prevalent STI responsible for nearly all cervical cancer cases.

Self-collection of a vaginal sample is just as effective at detecting HPV as a clinician-collected sample of the cervix.

Cervical Screening Test (CST) at Home (self collection)

Cervical Screening Test at Home

Herpes Treatment Plan

Herpes Treatment
Herpes is very common and can be easily managed in primary care if you are getting regular outbreaks.
Herpes is very common and can be easily managed in primary care if you are getting regular outbreaks. Reach out at Clinic 66 Online

​Some unlucky people have recurring outbreaks of herpes, as it is an infection that can return (though not always).


If you have a rash like this one, you may have herpes and you should be seen in a clinic (in person) by a doctor, in order to get a proper diagnosis.


However, if you have had it before and you have already been diagnosed, with herpes, we can prescribe medication for you via telehealth. 

Unfortunately there is stigma in society about herpes infections, and a great deal of myth. Sometimes people's mental health can suffer as a result of a herpes infection with anxiety and/or depression. 

If you want to really get the facts and understand how you can protect yourself (and others) make an appointment to talk to one of our sexual health GPs or sexual health physician.

We can also prescribe regular ongoing suppressive therapy if you have already been diagnosed with herpes and need a treatment plan. (Please note we will require a swab test result which proves past herpes infection in order to prescribe you suppressive therapy)

HIV S100 Prescribing

HIV (S100) Prescribing 

PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) & Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) + S100 Prescribers

If you are looking for PREP, PEP or s100 HIV medication (antiretrovirals or ART)  we can help, as we have Sexual Health Specialists and GP  S100 prescribers on staff. 

Clinic 66 Online offers a discreet and efficient telehealth service for all your prescribing needs.


Any of our telehealth GPs can prescribe PrEP , but if you want an S100 prescriber (for PEP and ARTs for HIV),  please let us know so we can set up a special appointment for you with one of our doctors who is appropriately qualified. 


You may need to have some pathology tests undertaken but we can arrange for this be done in your local area, and the results will come back directly to us.

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