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Painful period are NOT normal and NOT OK!

From an early age, many women learn to accept and live with the discomfort and often debilitating pain that comes with her menstrual cycle. And we think its well and truly time to dispel this idea!

We want women everywhere to know this, and to share it with their friends, sisters, mothers and daughters!

You do not need to live with heavy, painful periods any more ~ We have solutions!!

Menstrual Disorder Management (including PMDD)

Heavy painful periods are common but not normal. You do NOT have to put up with them. Life will be better if you don't have to go through repeated hideous menstrual ordeals!

Painful periods may be an indicator of endometriosis and heavy periods may be due to fibroids or adenomyosis. 


These common menstrual conditions are unfortunately underdiagnosed and often badly managed by many doctors. 

Fortunately the diagnosis and management of menstrual disorders is relatively straightforward, provided you have a doctor who understands the causes and knows how to treat them. 


By correcting the underlying cause,  you may not need to take those regular pain killers or iron supplements. 

Period pain and other menstrual problems can be treated by telehealth with expert women's health GPs at Clinic 66 Online

Painful Periods. Heavy bleeding. Debilitating Cramps. Headaches. Backaches... Month after month after month.  



Book a consultation to talk with one of our expert telehealth doctors to discuss your menstrual problems right away. It's time to get your quality of life back!

In order to make the best use of your telehealth consultation, we recommend that you complete a menstruation (bleeding) diary prior to meeting your doctor, which will help her to understand your bleeding pattern. 
There are many options available to deal with heavy menstrual bleeding. Our expert women's health GPs can help by telehealth at Clinic 66 Online

Heavy menstrual bleeding  management 

In the bad old days, women often underwent major surgery (hysterectomy) to remove the uterus, which was the only way to control heavy periods.


Fortunately we now have many other options including the hormonal IUD, endometrial ablation, embolisation and laparoscopic myomectomy.


There is usually a stepwise approach to management of heavy periods, trying the least invasive first.


If referral to a gynaecologist for surgical management is required, we can do that for you. 


Investigations can include blood tests and ultrasound scans, all of which can be undertaken locally to you and our doctor will give you the necessary referral.


Medication for the urgent short term treatment of blood loss, can be prescribed and management of thyroid disorders or anaemia can be dealt with by our doctors too. ​

Menstrual Disorders
Heavy Menstrual Bleeding


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