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Careers @ Clinic 66 and Clinic 66 Online

Clinic 66 is growing and expanding, and we are looking for more passionate women’s health focused GPs and support staff to join our professional team in transforming how women’s reproductive and sexual health care is delivered in Australia.

Through our Chatswood clinic, our Abortion Online Telehealth clinic, along with our new 'Clinic 66 Online' (women's telehealth initiative), we're now making quality women's healthcare accessible Australia wide.


We know by the thousands of testimonials we've already received, that our outreach services have been 'life changing' for many of our clients who simply have not had easy access to these important professional healthcare services before now.  There’s something seriously awesome about knowing you're making a real difference!

In addition, we're also enabling specialised GP's throughout Australia to focus on the areas of medicine that they're passionate about, whilst also achieving the lifestyle they want. Many of our GPs work from their own home practices, but they're fully supported by our team of specialised GPs, specialists, nurses, allied health and experienced administration staff, 

The Clinic 66 Culture

Being passionate, positive, helpful and respectful isn’t just our ethos, it’s in our DNA! If this resonates with you, we welcome you warmly into our culture of genuine care that puts our people and patients at the heart of everything we do.  Find out more about us >>>

Current Opportunities

1. Clinic 66 Online - Telehealth Vocationally Registered General Practitioner (Australian based, Contractor)


Clinic 66 Online is currently calling for expressions of interest from dedicated specialised GP’s to provide comprehensive telehealth support to the general public.


As a Clinic 66 Online telehealth specialist GP, you’ll enjoy unparalleled flexibility and generous remuneration while working from home at times that suit your family and lifestyle. Earn money while living anywhere in Australia, and access exceptional training, support and development opportunities that boost and extend your career... and that’s just the beginning!

Get in touch and we'll send you a detailed position description.


2. Clinic 66 Online - Clinical Administrator (Enrolled nurse suitable)

Work from home to support our growing telehealth team. You must be efficient, well organised and have fast internet at home, with dedicated office space. Full training provided. 

3. Clinic 66 (Chatswood) - Consulting Doctors

Although small, we are busy!


If you are a vocationally registered GP with special skills and qualifications in reproductive and sexual Health, eg DRANZCOG, MS2 Step prescriber, S100 prescriber, IUD inserter, then you might be suitable to do some casual or regular sessions with us.   


We are a privately billing practice, but keep our services affordable to enable access to all.


This is the perfect opportunity to develop your portfolio career, as our specialised general practice dovetails well with traditional General Practice.

Our demographic is from all over Sydney, and further afield, but a younger, healthier population than is normally seen in General Practice. 


As a procedural practice, we run an accredited day surgery facility, making us different and more interesting than the rest!


Get in touch so we can show you around.

4. Clinic 66 (Chatswood) - Sedationist

Do you have anaesthetic skills and experience eg JCCA or FRANZCA? 

Our sedationists provide low risk, brief sedation to our patients in our accredited Day Surgery in Chatswood.


Clients undergo short procedures such as IUD insertion, surgical abortion and vasectomy. The sedation can be between 10- 20 mins and lists usually run at 12-16 patients per day.  Mostly they are young, fit, healthy people who prefer to be obtunded for their short, potentially uncomfortable procedure.  Why not!?

You are a patient centred, non judgmental, relaxed team player, and current in ALS and other anaesthetic related continuous professional development. Likely you are a GP anaesthetist  who enjoys the contrast of straightforward anaesthetics with your other work. Or perhaps you are FRANZCA with a passion for women's reproductive health, or looking to semi retire from anaesthetic work which involves long complex morbidity cases.  

Either way, we would like to meet you! 

5. Clinic 66 (Chatswood) - Registered Nurses

Details coming soon...

Email: Online@clinic66.com.au

GP Referral Fax: 02 9411 3422

Get in touch - We'd love to hear from you!

We're a really busy practice and our Director, Clinical Director, Practice Manager and other management staff are usually 'flat out'! So though we'd really love to speak to you, we ask that in the first instance please send us a quick note about yourself, including your contact details and which position you're interested in, and we'll send you a more detailed job description along with an invitation to apply and/or set up a time to speak to you personally.

Thank you for your interest. We'll get back to you asap.

Get in touch

Last updated on 23/08/2021

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