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Our Professional Women's Health GPs & Specialists are available for Online Consultations from Monday to Saturday 8am till 6pm.


Appointments are necessary but wait times are limited. 

By women for women. We're a specialised online women's health clinic, delivering our professional expertise to busy women 'everywhere' via modern, secure, efficient & convenient telehealth

Welcome to Clinic 66 Online

Dr Emma Boulton, Clinic 66 & Clinic 66 Online Director, Founder and passionate advocate for making professional women's health services accessible to women, everywhere.

You asked and we listened!


Clinic 66 Online has been created to answer a definite need in the women's health space.

We know first hand that many of our Clinic 66 patients struggle to fit their own health management into their busy lives, with careers, children, extended families, and so many other demands on their time.

So we decided to make it easier for those women to take care of their sexual and reproductive health, in the comfort and convenience of their own home or office.

Taking care of as many of your sexual and
reproductive health needs & concerns as we can online ~
via remote telehealth consultation

Gynaecological Services by telehealth at Clinic 66 Online

Endometriosis, PCOS, Adenomyosis, PMDD etc require doctors who understand and can identify them quickly. It's time to end the needless suffering!  

Contraception Services at Clinic 66 Online

Effective contraception is as individual as you are, and needs to be right for you. We help you explore your options and cover all bases (incl morning after options)

Pregnancy options counselling and medical termination at home. Our experienced tele-abortion team are on standby, and ready to help. We know its tough.

Menopause Treatment at Clinic 66 Online

No two woman's journey is the same, so our evidence based counselling & treatment plans are as individual as you are!

Incontinence and pelvic floor issues at Clinic 66 Online

If you have poor pelvic floor tone or urinary incontinence (urge, stress or mixed) we can help improve your quality of life with individualised management.

Sexually Transmitted Infection Screening and Treatment at Clinic 66 Online

Discreet, comprehensive, understanding and non judgmental testing, treatment counselling & management. 

Infertility doctors provide subfertility workup pre ivf via telehealth at Clinic 66 Online

Some women just need a little helping hand. Don't rush into IVF, let's check all the boxes first with a Sub-fertility workup (pre IVF),

If you're suffering with heavy menstrual bleeding and debilitating pain every month, it's time to sort that out! Let's get to the bottom of it and get your life back!

If you're not comfortable with a diagnosis and/or treatment plan that you've received from your health provider, we're happy to provide you with a professional second opinion.

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