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Our Online Women's Health Clinic is Celebrating Two Years of Transforming Healthcare Australia-wide

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Our dedicated team of women’s health GPs are celebrating two years of transforming women's healthcare in Australia, and we're expanding to meet the growing demand.

Clinic 66 Online is made up of a passionate group of Women's Health General Practitioners (GPs) and a dedicated support team, who are currently celebrating their second anniversary of delivering accessible, affordable, and high-quality women's healthcare nationally by telehealth.

This ambitious initiative has been instrumental in bridging the widening gap in specialised women's health expertise across Australia, and has received 99% five-star reviews from many women who appreciate the accessibility of its often life changing services.

Founder and Director of Clinic 66, Dr. Emma Boulton, emphasises the critical need for specialised women's health expertise in Australia. "Women's health is an area that requires specialised knowledge and attention, yet there is a shortage of doctors in Australia who possess the necessary expertise. It is unacceptable that there is currently a postcode lottery for access to suitably qualified women's health GPs," she said. "To address this issue, we established Clinic 66 Online with the goal of providing affordable, yet quality healthcare to all women, regardless of their location in Australia."

With GPs in diminishing supply, Australian women in all states and territories, both urban and rural, are currently facing increasing challenges when attempting to access the specialised women’s health care that they need throughout their reproductive life. From first menstruation right through to post menopause and all the ‘fun stuff’ in between, their miraculous ‘life making hardware’ does require special care.

Australian General Practitioners (GPs) must undergo additional post graduate training in sexual and reproductive health in order to really deliver that ‘special care’, and unfortunately, far too many don’t. Which means the women in their communities need to look elsewhere for their reproductive and sexual health needs.

According to Dr Boulton, “Clinic66 Online is not just a telehealth clinic; we're a nationwide initiative that connects the women of Australia with a growing national network of professional and passionate Women's Health General Practitioners. Our doctors all have a specialised interest, extra training, and hands-on experience in women's reproductive and sexual health”.

“Our secure telehealth video consultation platform empowers women to access specialised care conveniently from their own home, office or anywhere. So we’re breaking down the constraints of limited time and location, and overcoming the scarcity of expertise”, said Dr Boulton. “Though we can’t provide all the hands-on physical examinations and procedural services that we can in our Chatswood clinic, many women are pleasantly surprised at how much we can achieve remotely, by telehealth”, she said.

Launched in response to a national need during the Covid lockdowns, Clinic 66 Online has grown substantially over the past two years, and continues to deliver on its promise of connecting patients with experienced women’s health GPs, through secure, convenient and affordable telehealth video consultations.

The types of consultations offered by Clinic 66 Online include (but is not limited to):

heavy and/or painful periods, hormonal imbalances, prenatal and postnatal care, sexually transmitted infection, contraception counselling, cervical screening tests (self collected), unplanned pregnancy and medical abortion, suspected chronic conditions such as endometriosis, PCOS or PMDD, perimenopause, menopause, and healthy ageing, infertility and subfertility workup pre-IVF… and the list is growing.

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